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In 2001 on the 27th October, Mordred played at The Pound, SF with the following set-list:

1. State Of Mind 2. The Strain 3. Killing Time 4. The Vagrant 5. The Baroness 6. In Time 7. Falling Away 8. Johnny The Fox 9. Reach 10. Close Minded 11. Unload 12. Crash 13. Young Lust (Pink Floyd Cover) 14. Esse Quam Videri 15. She Watch Channel Zero 16. In This Life

The line-up was bereft of Danny White, replaced by Chris Powell.

On march 8th 2002 Mordred played at Bourbon St, CA, see pictures.
Review of Mordred gig at The Pound, 29.3.02, by Mario Perotti:
"The final band of the night was the once popular Mordred who cam out of hiding to perform a short list of reunion dates before the band embarks on a new path with the same line-up but under a different name and a much different sound. By this time, the Pound was about half full with the majority of the people on hand there for Mordred as evident by the large amounts of audience participation during selected tunes. Mordred, for the uneducated, utilize a heavy funked out flavor in their music while folding in some technically oriented thrash metal (although their older tunes seemed to have more of the 'metal' flavor).
On stage, the pumped through a smattering of tunes from their history, almost performing a "greatest hits" package including tunes from their debut disc, 1989's "Fool's Game", 1991's "In This Life", 1992's "Vision" and 1995's "The Next Room". Some of the tunes included in their long set were "State of Mind", "The Strain", "The Vagrant", "Falling Away", "Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed", "Reach", "Close Minded", and their popular tune "In This Life".
As far as reunions go (and lately there have been quite a few, many of the Bay Area bands reuniting after last August's Thrash of the Titans jump started the movement), Mordred seemed to have a differing path ahead with this batch of reunion shows. First off, the band was kicking through their material at top notch speed and precision, giving those who know the music just about everything possibly wanted in a hour-plus set of reunion tunes. However, Mordred seems destined for something else and this show was the jump start into their next musical direction as the band will be sticking together but creating much different music under a different name (no word as to what it will be yet). So, Mordred basically took this opportunity to slam through some old favorites (and they pumped through "In This Life" VERY well) as well as introduce some of their new material their collective new project will be performing. Their new tunes still had the heavy funked out flavor and highly precise music ability, but they seemed to have traded any kind of metallic edge for more of a streamlined, dare-say accessible style, making songs that rely more on the vibe and presence than their inadvertent bite and delivery. This show was both classic Mordred and something more as these guys gave closure to their 'metallic' sound of years past and opened the door to their new future. Killer show from a once killer band."
There were many rumours (see later interview with Scott Holderby) that Mordred would reform permanently and possibly record new material. Discussions were taking place regarding a name change and also the band taking on a different style but at the time of writing nothing has materialised on any front.
Although each individual is very much into their own thing now, there is surely still a place for the unique sound of Mordred. New tracks I heard suggested a more slower approach, but unlike the Vision material, but heavy-ish but with a more hip-hop style of vocal. The previously mentioned tracks such as The Baroness and Can't Help certainly have a streetwise feel, but it's still very much Mordred down to a tee.
Much of what was once rumoured can be read about in my Scott Holderby interview which I conducted in 2004, but not much has happened since then to suggest that Mordred will be with us again.

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