Sunday, February 4, 2007


Line-up, as In This Life.
Mordred were the finest band I ever saw live, four times in all at The Marquee in London. The first three occasions were in support of In This Life and I believe the third of those gigs was filmed for the In This Live video, featuring all the greatest Mordred cuts. Live, they were a one-off, at times Holderby became a multi-coloured breakdancing contortionist, fluttering between the strobes, often painted colours such as white or blue, and with pegs in his hair, and often dressed in anything from a trilby hat to what looked like his pyjama's, whilst the band behind him were alarmingly tight, Pauses' scratches interwoven between the crunching guitars and spiralling sol's, whilst Hall's drumming, especially on the video, was a privilege to watch. And Liboon's bass one of the band's trademark ingredients.

In This Live is exceptionally difficult to trace, but I did hear that a few guys on the Everyday's A Mordred Day website had managed to get it down onto DVD. Something worth seeing.

Mordred loved playing in London, the final time I saw them around '92 they were supported by the superb The Organization. They often fitted in a few remarkable gems, i.e. a cover of Pink Floyd's Young Lust plus stuff like The Money Will Roll Right In and a few tracks that never made the records, such as Crash (not the version that made The Next Room record) and also what was then known as Fragrance Of Vagrance, but would simply become known as The Vagrant.

Try and track down In This Live.

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