Sunday, February 4, 2007


Although the band members continued to work in musical circles, much of their activity wasn't really spoken of after Mordred split.

However, when I managed to track down Scott Holderby in 2004 (see blog), he kept me briefly updated as to who was workin' on what, here's a brief run-down.

Scott Holderby - did a vast amount of studio work, producing, working with the likes of Santana, Cee-Lo, The Donnas, The Organization and featured in various bands including Heat, Demag, Blue Sun, Church of the Grand Funk, High Society, Harley's Angels.

Scott's most impressive work, in my eyes, is the amazing Ungodly Blue Sun opus he released in 1998 under the name Harley Scott Holderby, his real name, after his grandfather and father. the album, on Smokin' Jacket Records is a nine-track laid-back classic, with occasional hints of Mordred in the superb Another Way, but this is deep, soulful jazz-fused genius, with Scott's vocals becoming far more rich than in his Mordred days. Cadillac Rolling slow-tempo cruise, as is the moving The Way You Look Now, and emotional Ride The Raincloud. This is stirring stuff, moody, mesmeric, sometimes psychedelic, with a sweeping blues edge, at times like an even mellower cosmic Vision.

His work with High Society is more of a trip-hop adventure, combining lounge-beats with his dark-edged smooth vocal. Whilst Harley's Angels and their Harley's Angel's Hard Luck Hustle is more of a jazz-funk affair, perfect for any smokey lounge with its wispy, smoothness and Scott's sensuous soul tone which punctuates the relaxing, Santana-esque latin funk. Amazing stuff.

DJ Pause is still up to his producing and mixing as well as working with various rap artists. In 2004, according to Scott, James was workin' on acoustic material, Danny White was making latin jazz, Gannon was doing some trip-hop stuff, but not sure about Art although a while ago I heard he was in a band called Foodstamp or something, but if anyone knows any wiser let me know.

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