Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mordred memories....

Okay people, updates have been a while, I want to hear all the memories you have of Mordred gigs, and to send along any photographs or signed pictures etc.

First off is Roger Bose from Cheshire who got in touch and sent me the following amazing signed lp covers etc, and one very interesting photo of a signed promo cassette of 'In This Life'.

Roger said this of the band, "I was a huge Mordred fan back in the day and have several old tape recordings of their gigs - 2 from support slots in the Astoria (London) in 1990, 2 full gigs from Edwards No 8 in Birmingham in 1990 and The the Marquee on 28.9.91. I also remember seeing them supporting (I think Celtic Frost ! of all people) in the Bristol Bierkeller - Scotty claimed to be jet lagged having just got off a plane and that was the reason he vomited on stage half way through the set! I also remember arriving early at one of the Edwards No 8 gigs on my new bike - a GSXR1100L - Art and Gannon were both bike fans and had a quick spin round Birmingham on my bike - glad to get it back in one piece - Great Memories of a great band."

Many thanks to Roger; here are the photos: