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Two demo's emerged around 1986-1987, with several line-up alterations.

In 1984 Mordred were formed by bassist Art Liboon and guitarist James Sanguinetti. In '86 Sanguinetti quit the band to join Mercenary whilst Mercenary axeman Steve Soderlund joined the Mordred camp. At the time the band were fronted by Steve Skates with the subject matter of the band mainly focusing on issues of fantasy, like most metal bands of that time, whether inspired by the works of Tolkien or the dark side, although many of the Bay Area thrash acts often concentrated on local issues such as crime and politics.

Both demo outings were self-titled, although Soderlund left the act after only two gigs. The demo's also featured guitarist Alex Gerould and drummer Eric Lannon. Skates was eventually replaced by vocalist Chris Whitney and then Scott Holderby. Danny White (guitars) and Gannon Hall (drums) eventually joined the band, and Sanguinetti was to return later, although after the debut '89 opus Fool's Game which featured guitarist Jim Taffer.

So, Demo I, with a line-up of :

Steve Skates - Vocals

Art Liboon - Bass

James Sanguinetti - Guitars

Alex Gerould - Guitars

Eric Lannon - Drums

And featured 4 tracks:

1) Sever & Splice (which would go on to feature on Fool's Game)

2) Mordred

3) The Chains Are Gone But The Scars Remain

4) Spellbound (also to feature on Fool's...)

Demo II, line-up :

Scott Holderby - Vox

Art Liboon - Bass

Danny White - Guitars

Alex Gerould - Guitars

Eric Lannon - Drums

1) Reckless Abandon (another Fool's Game inclusion)

2) In Cold Blood

3) The Scars Remain

Both demo's were raw thrashy affairs, with that Bay Area crunch that would come to the fore on the debut album.
Demo II line-up.

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