Sunday, February 22, 2009

Interview with Scott Holderby

Scott Holderby has been in touch to talk about all things Hi-Nobles, check out the interview:

1) Scott, the last time we spoke you mentioned that The Hi-Nobles have a record deal. Tell me more.

Scotty: We recently signed a deal with Zaentz Records,and are in the process of mixing the new record...It will be released in 4 months after proper promotion..I'll get an advanced copy for you..

2) How many tracks can we expect on the record and do you have any song titles ?

Scotty: 12 songs on the record, 13 in Japan - 1) Soul Sister 2) Ain't No Sin 3) Big Black Car 4) Stings A Bit 5) Shake Shake Shake 6) International Playboys 7) Red Eye 8) Shelter 9) Love Don't Come Around 10) Miss Addy 11) Don't Go 12) Gold Tipped Rhino

3) Which bands have influenced the Hi-Nobles the most ?

Scotty: The Kinks, The Animals, The Who, Them Otis, Ray Charles, Stax, soul, rare groove, Northern Soul.

4) You've come along way from the days of Mordred. When did you first get into the garage sound ?

Scotty: I first got into it with The Stooges first record...still one of my favourite records. I grew up listening to The Animals, The Kinks, ? & The Mysterians ('60s psych group), Dave Clark 5, Association, and the Zombies with my pops...can I add the Zombies to my forementioned favourites !?

5) Is there a good following for The Hi-Nobles in the US ?

Scotty: Huge....Oh you were being serious ? We're working on it!

6) Are there any plans for you guys to come to the UK ?

Scotty: We plan to come over after this record has been released.

7) How are things going with your other groups HIGH SOCIETY ANGELS and BORSTAL HOLIDAY ?

Scotty: Borstal Holiday record will be finished soon..

8) Do you look back at the Mordred days and wish you were still part of that scene ?

Scotty: I am still part of that scene...Sanguinetti is on his way over right now...!

9) Do you think The Hi-Nobles will get good promotion over here in the UK, as there's quite a psych/garage scene ?

Scotty: I certainly hope so...personally, it's the most important territory. Holderby, I am English...just add alcohol, and you can hear it!