Friday, January 25, 2008

Scott Hi-Nobles update.

Hey You'all,
It's Harley $cott Holderby here, and I have teamed up with Bay Area bass legend,House...Guitarist, Greg Ingrahm from the Avengers, Jeff Hashfield vintage organ, and Guy Alverez drums....

Appearing LIVE:
Friday, January 25th at the Hemlock, Polk St.@ Post In San Francisco....
Saturday, January 26th at the Stork Club, Telegraph Ave.@ 24th in Oakland...

Come check out the live clip and songs...

I won't be sending out blanket emails like this in the future, so if you like the group and would like to know when we are playing, you can check out the myspace page...Or reply and be put on our proper email list...

Hope to see you at the gigs............

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Mad - are they a Mordred rip-off ?

A great friend of mine, Terry Cameron, recently introduced me to a band called THE MAD, and their album 'Songs For The Ugly'. They seem pretty obscure but when you lend an ear to it, it sounds an awful lot like 'Fools Game', from the soulful chug riffs, even to the vocal delivery.
Personally, the tracks are cool, but I've yet to find anything about the band so try and check them out if you can because these guys are certainly hung up on the old Mordred sound big style. The record is from '93 so they may have been aware of Mordred, but there's no picture of the band inside.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Late Nite Sinner's Mordred photo's

Check out the link, for some cool old, and newer pictures of Pause, Danny, Art and Gannon, plus many other musicians.

I.J. Smith 'Troubled'- check it out!

I.J. Smith and his cool 'Frisco trip-out record 'Troubled' should be checked out by everyone. The guy worked with Gannon Hall, and Foodstamp which was the band Art and Gannon formed after Mordred.

The music itself is very chilled but anyone with track titles such as 'The Jester', 'Downtown Trip' and 'Frisco Fog Eclypse' deserves a mention!!

Watch The Hi-Nobles here!