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Mordred bootlegs

Such treasures are few and far between unfortunately, but back in the '80s when tape trading was a serious and fun business, thousands of fans of heavy metal traded cassetess of live shows and demo's across the world. Demo's and bootlegs of Mordred are pretty scarce, but I do own a few which would certainly be of interest to the band, they are as follows:

OPEN AIR - band name spelt 'MORDERED' on the side of the cd!

17 tracks, running time 77 mins over two nights, recorded 1992 to 30,000 people.

Track listing: 1) The Strain 2) Every Day's A Holiday 3) Esse Quam Videri 4) Johnny The Fox 5) Queen Of A Broken Throne - then breaks into Reach ( different lyrics) 6) Falling Away 7) Spectacle Of Fear 8) Numb 9) Progress 10) Death Or Glory 11) In This Life 12) Close Minded 13) Reach 14) High Potency 15) West County Hospital 16) State Of Mind 17) I Know
Unfortunately, the track listing on the back of the case is extremely confusing!

Tracks: 1) State Of Mind 2) The Strain 3) Killing Time 4) Every Day's A Holiday 5) Crash 6) The Artist 7) Spectacle Of Fear 8) M.A.S.H. Theme 9) Falling Away 10) Downtown 11) Esse Quam Videri 12) High Potency 13) Larger Than Life 14) The Vagrant 15) The Money Will Roll Right In 16) Johnny The Fox 17) In This Life

Rosetta Bar, Belfast, Northern Ireland - 1/10/91

Tracks: 1) High Potency 2) Every Day's A Holiday 3) The Strain 4) Killing Time 5) State Of Mind 6) Esse Quam Videri 7) The Artist 8) Larger Than Life 9) Crash 10) Lion's Den 11) M.A.S.H. Theme 12) Falling Away 13) Downtown 14) Fragrance Of Vagrance 15) The Money Will Roll Right in 16) Johnny The Fox 17) In This Life

Newcastle, England, 25/9/91

Tracks: 1) High Potency 2) Every Day's A Holiday 3) The Strain 4) Killing Time 5) State Of Mind 6) Esse Quam Videri 7) The Artist 8) Larger Than Life 9) Crash 10) Window 11) Lion's Den 12) M.A.S.H. Theme 13) Falling Away 14) Downtown 15) The vagrant 16) The Money Will Roll Right In 17) Johnny The Fox 18) In This Life
The Pound, San Francisco USA - 25/10/01
Tracks: 1) State Of Mind 2) The Strain 3) Killing Time 4) The Vagrant 5) The Baroness 6) In Time 7) Falling Away 8) Johnny The Fox 9) Reach 10) Close Minded 11) Unload 12) Crash 13) Young Lust 14) Esse Quam Videri 15) She Watch Channel Zero 16) In This Life

There are also bootlegs out there of the Milwaukee Metal fest' and I'm sure numerous other shows.

Mordred at The Marquee, London 1992


In 1992 Mordred played The Marquee (sadly, no longer on the Charing Cross Rd). In support were the fantastic The Organization, who featured ex-members of Death Angel.

Mordred (Scott, with lyric sheet in hand at times!) were previewing a few songs off the forthcoming 'Vision' album, and ended the night with a stroming cover of Black Sabbath's 'Sweet Leaf', with The Organization. (left, The Organization)

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Mordred 1989 tour advert

Mordred Marquee (London) advert 1991?

Mordred Liverpool Gig Review


'In Mordred's case, they don't so much defy description so much as cover just about every base you could possibly imagine. Shambling onstage, the San Franciscans journey through cataclysmic crescendos of scratching Rap meets Funk meets Metal, with some Thrash thrown in. Absolute crazy-assed lunacy! James Sanguinetti hammers out the huge, grungy riffs, Gannon Hall beats the living daylights out of his tortured skins and Scott Holderby spits out the lyrics in a manner that's so indecipherable as to make Mordred sound like any other thrash metal band you could name. However, underneath all this mayhem Aaron Vaughn mixes, scratches and raps in a way that'd make any other DJ hang their head in shame. As if to enforce their unpredictability, the band even slotted in a little of country & western and a shambolic rendition of the theme to 'Mash'! All this plus album faves 'High Potency', 'Killing Time' and 'Falling Away', and a couple of new numbers. And the icing on the cake was an almost note for note stab at Thin Lizzy's classic 'Johnny The Fox' - complete with scratching 'n' rapping of the title! - that must surely have prompted the Ace of Spades himself to look down from the Heavenly Bar & grill and nod approvingly.'

Review by Kevin McDempster (who probably wasn't even at the gig considering some of his bizarre descriptions of the band!!)

Mordred In This Life advert 'Metal Forces'

Mordred In This Life Tour promotion advert

Mordred Kerrang! Poster 1991

Monday, April 9, 2007


A majority of the band's lyrics here.

Mordred to play benefit gig.

On April 12th 2007 an old school Mordred line-up will play at the Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, in memory of Curtis Grant, who was a musician with bands such as Black Cherry and American Heartbreak. Curtis died on March 20th 2007 of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Mordred's line-up will consist of:

Art Liboon (bass) Eric Lannon (drums) Steve Skates (Vox) James Sanguinetti (Guitars) Steve Soderlund (Guitars)