Friday, May 25, 2007

Mordred - Falling Away Live 2007

April 2007.Filmed for the Curtis Grant tribute night at the Bottom Of The Hill,

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

An update from Scott Holderby

In April of 2007 I got in contact with Scott Holderby and managed to ask a few question regarding updates on the band and his personal diversions. Here's an extract of the interview:

1) So Scotty, around 2005 there was meant to be a reunion show in New York, but it never materialised. What happened ?
Scotty: There were to be two shows in NYC but sadly all the people in the group couldn't make it and we wanted everybody there. We could probably pull it off now.

2) Since we last spoke around two years ago, what have you been up to musically ?
Scotty: I have the High Society Angels (organic electric soul) - six-piece with drums, bass, guitar, keys, trumpet and me singing and writing the songs. Hi-Nobles also, (mod-garage-soul) - six-piece with sax, and also Blue Sun (psychedelic garage blues) three-piece, with an English guitarist, drums and me singing and playing bass. Those are bands I have rolling at the moment.

3) The main Mordred websites seemed to become inactive around 2004, has there still been a strong interest in the band ?
Scotty: There has been some interest in releasing the 'In This Live' Dvd. We'' see if it pans out.

4) Are there any plans for a Mordred reunion on a permanent basis ? If not, why ?
Scotty: I would love to make my living and my own way with Mordred. I'm pretty sure we have enough past members to make two complete bands. Gannon and Danny live in NYC now so practicing would be difficult. I think if anyone wanted to fly us anywhere exotic to play we'd be right there. Hasn't anyone got an inheritance and needs Mordred for their wedding-bar mitzva in Monte Carlo ? I have a nice tux...!

More to come....!