Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mordred reunion?

Just to let Mordred fans know, Scott Holderby, Danny White, James Sanguinetti and Art Liboon joined forces recently for a jam in San Francisco. DJ Pause and Gannon Hall were not in attendance for the jam, but Pause did hook up wit the guys. I may be able to post some photographs soon. I wouldn't look into this reunion too seriously, but ya never know.....!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The t-shirt I used to have...

Here's the Mordred t-shirt (front) I used to own, among several others which all mysteriously disappeared, sadly. These were purchased at the gigs between 1991 and 1992. Not the greatest of the band's t-shirts, but still a cool shirt.

Mordred/MCM & The Monster advert

This interesting poster turned up on ebay a while back. It features MCM & The Monster who DJ Pause was part of. This would've been a great show!

Mordred flyers etc

There are a few Mordred flyers, posters, etc circulating on the net, here's just a few snippets - with credit to demoarchives, and metallipromo etc.

Mark's Mordred memories

I was contacted by a chap named Mark Bowes, and he shared not only his memories of Mordred live, but a photo of the ticket. Cheers!
" I was fortunate enough to see them live at the Glasgow Cathouse (when it was located on Brown St, now gone sadly)....I've managed to dig out my ticket and take a picture for your website as you've displayed some other tickets from back in the day.

Obviously '91 is a long time back but what I can recall is that the main floor stage in the old Cathouse was pretty small and as such the band were dotted around the place, definitely someone (probably the dude on the decks) was away off to one side. I remember also being down the front (it was a decent turn out but not overly busy) and myself and some girl that was attending asking one of the guitarists for a which he replied it was his only one! :D

Back in the days when you could see a top qwol band for a deep sea diver! :D They probably didn't take to the stage until 11pm......them were the days! Too bad all the kids stealing music through downloads have pushed ticket and merch prices through the roof as no-one buys music anymore!

I got into them through airplay for 'Falling Away' on Headbangers Ball or The Power Hour (before it went to schit), bought 'In This Life' on cd and I think I picked up 'Fool's Game' on cassette...I'm not sure if I ever got 'The Next Room' but it's now on my Amazon list.

Anyway I enjoyed a read through your site (what I managed on the quiet at work yesterday) and fortunately remembered to snap a pick of the ticket before I left for work this morning."

Photo by Mark Bowes

Friday, August 2, 2013

Morded's second demo on YouTube

For those of you interested in a slab of some old school Mordred, then  check out their second demo, from 1987, which someone has uploaded to YouTube. Listen HERE. The tracks are 'Reckless Abandon,' 'In Cold Blood,' and 'The Scars Remain.' And for those of you who want to sing along I attach the lyric sheet from inside the demo. Cool stuff.