Sunday, February 4, 2007


By the time Mordred split there had been so many tracks either unheard or never to appear on record. In 1992 they were recorded at the Dynamo Open Air Festival (classic line-up) and previewed a couple of new tracks. One, was the short and quirky Queen Of A Broken Throne which could have sat comfortably on the Vision record, and I Know was similar, a laid-back smokin' groove with text-book scratching from Pause, complete with a, "I know you gonna dig this..." sample and extremely soulful vocals from Mr. Holderby. There was also the original Crash, which sounded like something straight from In This Life, and would have no doubt become a Mordred classic.

Previous to In This Life there was rumour of a track called Nowhere Fast which I have on a demo cd sent to me by Scott Holderby, and originates from around Fool's Game and is a thrashy number whilst Death or Glory (Halacaust or Holocaust cover) and The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang song), as well as the theme from M.A.S.H. and The Stooges 1969 were classic covers.

Other lost tracks are Unload, a fantastic cover of Public Enemy's She Watch Channel Zero, The Baroness, The Empress, Air-Conditioned Dream and Can't Help. Hopefully these will appear some day...I've heard the cuts and they rock, just like they've never been away...they are a slower temp, kinda bereft of the cutting-edge thrash side of things, but have the melodic choruses which graced Vision.

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