Sunday, December 28, 2008

This just in from Scotty!!!!

Happy Holidays Neil the Mod,
Soon ,with all going as planned, we shall be having that drink...or know depends how large the glasses are...In your homeland..Jolly old you know where.......
Hi-Nobles signed deal with Zaentz Records,Sony distribution..Record to be released mid March...Tour to follow...
Can't believe it..But it's true...



Friday, November 28, 2008

And more Mordred memories...

This time from the Rockin' Rabbi:

"A Mordred gig at the Marquee was truly an event. As the clouds of dry ice cleared and Pause's revolving beer can became visible on the turntable, the night would ignite with Scott Holderby leaping in the air, covered head to toe with face paint. Danny's killer riffs would send us all into a frenzy and I remember the stage-diving beginning within moments. Scott whipped us up into truly an ecstatic state. His leaps, his characteristic sideways glances and Ancient-Egyptian posing made him a truly memorable frontman. How fortunate we were to be a part of their original, trailblazing musical genius and to experience their true energy first hand! There is no doubt about it, that thinking back to those days gives me that telling warm fuzzy-feeling inside! Roll on the good old days!"

Someone hates Mordred...

Now, I'm not one to post negative stuff about the band, past or present, but I've recently been sent a link from Mordred fan Ian Crocker, and am hoping that all Mordred fans will bombard the idiot's who printed the pointless article. Basically, it's a complete slag-off of Mordred, lacking understanding of the music and also tends to get a little personal, so if anyone out there in Mordred land wants to email these bunch of time-wasting cocks, get on board. I've been open to posting bads reviews etc, but this is just a joke:

Monday, November 24, 2008

New album from Careless Hearts.

Paul Kimball, who fronted Mordred on 'The Next Room' record, has a new album out with his current band Careless Hearts. The album is called 'Heart's Delight' and more can be found out about it at:

Paul would also like to thank the Mordred fans who posted kind comments on his band's website.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Check out Foodstamp!

Foodstamp featured the talents of Art Liboon and Gannon Hall and can be seen HERE at the H.O.R.D.E. Festival in 1996 gettin' down with some funkiness.

Latest Mordred You Tube post

Check out Mordred doing 'Falling Away' live in Alst in Belgium from April 1992 HERE at You Tube

Monday, October 6, 2008

Check out Gannon Hall at Last Fm


Tel's Mordred memories...

One of my best homeboys Terry 'Dred' Cameron shares with us his most notable Mordred memory, and also check out the signed poster which Tel won from Ebay, with the bands signatures alongside Ignorance.

"Thought i'd share my memories from a Mordred gig at Londons Marquee. Chilling outside watching the band members casualy chatting in the light rain, excited, anticipaiting the gig.Amazing gig with The Organization supporting...and coming on with mordred to do 'Sweat Leaf' as a finale. Great stuff!The set featured all the usual stuff and some of the tracks from the 'Vision' album, which I feel honoured to have seen live. Scott was his usual slick self, I think he even came on with a cane! Pause was bobbing about with his beer can spinning on his turntable decks!!!The room was so full of energy and it was getting so hot in the backroom of the club.I was wearing a white Ice-T 'Original Gangster' t-shirt, it must have stuck out a mile in the dark room that was about to burst into life.Scott points it out to Pause. The vibe in the whole place is amazing, Mordred seem the only Metal band to have been able to bring together so much versatlity and various genres of music and still make a venue feel so alive with electricity."

Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Mordred memories...

Stephane from France added, "hi neil, i would like to thanks you for your site about mordred , remember me these fantastics years of funk metal , i have seen mordred in the gibus ( paris) and is the one of the best gig of my life"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mordred memories....

Okay people, updates have been a while, I want to hear all the memories you have of Mordred gigs, and to send along any photographs or signed pictures etc.

First off is Roger Bose from Cheshire who got in touch and sent me the following amazing signed lp covers etc, and one very interesting photo of a signed promo cassette of 'In This Life'.

Roger said this of the band, "I was a huge Mordred fan back in the day and have several old tape recordings of their gigs - 2 from support slots in the Astoria (London) in 1990, 2 full gigs from Edwards No 8 in Birmingham in 1990 and The the Marquee on 28.9.91. I also remember seeing them supporting (I think Celtic Frost ! of all people) in the Bristol Bierkeller - Scotty claimed to be jet lagged having just got off a plane and that was the reason he vomited on stage half way through the set! I also remember arriving early at one of the Edwards No 8 gigs on my new bike - a GSXR1100L - Art and Gannon were both bike fans and had a quick spin round Birmingham on my bike - glad to get it back in one piece - Great Memories of a great band."

Many thanks to Roger; here are the photos:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Borstal Holiday update

Check out the band's Myspace page for some cool entertainment via You Tube, inlcuding track recordings and two stage performances, check it out ya'll at Myspace, just type in Borstal Holiday in the Music search section.

Signed records...

No new updates at the moment people, but have a look at these three prized possessions of mine, being 'Falling Away', 'Fools Game' and 'In This Life' signed by most of the band from won't come across many of these!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Signed Mordred ticket.

With thanks to the Rockin' Rabbi for this ticket which Pause signed in the early '90s.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Check out the new Borstal Holiday EP

....some seriously smokin' Oakland Rock 'n' Roll Soul... personal favourite track being the amazing 'Drag', check it out.

Scott Holderby Interview (June 2008) Part Two

9) Regarding Mordred, at the moment, especially in the UK there is a big thrash revival going on, and alot of bands such as Forbidden, are having their albums re-released. Have the members of Mordred been approached or thought of a re-union, full or part-time ?

10) What are your opinions of the Mordred with Steve Scates fronting the band ?

11) Did you ever hear THE NEXT ROOM ?

12) What are the other Mordred guys doing now and have you spoke to them recently ?

13) Outside of music, what else do you get up to/ are interested in ?

14) When was the last time you listened to a Mordred record ?

15) The IN THIS LIVE video, it was the best gigof my life, how much do you remember of that night ?

Scotty's answers...

9) No

10) They should have fun..I know how it is,I love to play music too...

11) Sorry, no

12) Pause still DJs all over and produces hip-hop acts like Shagg Nasty,Art and Sven play in the 1985 Mordred,Gannon and Jim aren't playing these days,Danny works in a studio in New York and plays /composes jingles and such...

13) Lambretta scooters,60s horror movies,youtube all sorts of old vids,bar-b-q

14) Jim S and I watched the video with our kids awhile back.

15) I remember the Marquee shows quite well..It was one of my favorite places to play..I had some really excellent times there,and at the Columbia Hotel bar after hours..The night of the recording,we were feeling great,getting along well and all that..We went out to the pub and grabbed some food before the gig..I ran into several people who were going to the gig and chatted..People got such a kick out of the way we hung out with the people in line out front.I used to get my drinks at the bar etc..I liked meeting people...

With many thanks to Scotty.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Old picture!

Here's a rare, old photo from 1990 advertising Jackson guitars, and featuring James Sanguinetti and Danny White plus musicians from Exodus, Forbidden and Violence. Thanks to Ken Duffy for the picture.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old school Hard 'n' Heavy interview with the band Possibly from around '89.



Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scott Holderby Interview (May 2008) Part 1

I recently caught up with Scott Holderby, and interviewed him regarding latest projects etc. Here is part one of the interview, my questions are listed first, Scott's answers are underneath:

The Questions-:

1) Firstly, you're in three bands at the moment, THE HI-NOBLES, BORSTAL HOLIDAY and HIGH SOCIETY ANGELS. How would you describe the sounds of these bands ?

2) Are you committed to one band more than any other, or is it equal in the sense of touring, laying down tracks. With whom are you most busy ?

3) How did THE HI-NOBLES get together ?

4) In the past, fans of you would have known you were into hip-hop, soul, funk, but with the NOBLES it's a very '60s garage sound. How long have you been into that ?

5) Are you planning on touring with any of the bands you are in, outside of the U.S.A. ?

6) What kind of places do you play with the bands you are in ?

7) Any plans for record releases ?

8) You recently played with one my heroes, Clem Burke of Blondie, how was that for you ?

The Answers-:

1. I would say Borstal Holiday sounds like 60s Garage-Punk..The Hi-Nobles are 60s Garage-Soul..High Society Angels sound like some Soul-Jazz, more of a modern sound

2. High Soc Angels just reformed (with some new and some of the old players) only a month or so ago.So we haven't played out yet with the new lineup.Can't wait for that..
They are all fun groups to play in and I like them all....But...Borstal Holiday is the easiest to get anything done, cause it's a trio..

3. Our first guitarist put an ad on craigslist, Seeking asshole singer who's not a total prick..I called him back and said I was auditioning a band and I would consider them..He thought that was funny and said ok..So the night of the big audition(first band rehearsal) I get the call "practice is delayed for a couple hours"..I'm already in SF so I stopped by a friends house and that friend was making cocktails,and I had a few..I was a bit pissed when I showed up,and I had white Russians in to go coffee cups..I was a bit of a mess but I was able to sing alright..Those guys loved it..I loved it..Good times..

4. I did get caught up in old soul music for many years,but have always loved the Stooges,Animals,Kinks and Who,and that garage psyche 60s sound but kind of forgot about it..It was really Otis the big O with that super fast soul that gave me the idea for the garage soul thing..Hi-Nobles had a 70s Garage sound and it was easy to put the sound together into a Garage-Soul sound..And so much fun to play....

5. As soon as there is a record the Hi-Nobles want to head over..Same goes for Borstal Holiday..We are about to press a 3 song vinyl 45,you can hear it on our myspace page

6. Small hip dive bars and seedy clubs.We are starting to get bigger shows like our gig at Slim's with the Detroit Cobras..We also played a weekender with the Untouchables,Love me nots etc. in Las vegas..We have some gigs coming up in Seattle Portland,Salem,Los Angeles,San Diego..All west coast stuff...

7. Yes,first the 7" with Borstal Holiday,we are about halfway finished with the full length LP..
Hi-Nobles are set to record our LP in July and a H S A record is only half written so probably a few months out on that one..

8. Clem is a great guy..I got him to autograph my Blondie record for my son,and i was a bit pissed,I put it into it's protective sleeve and smudged it..He looked at and said,"shall I do it again",it was amusing..I liked all of those Magic Christians..Eddie from the Plimsoles..Prairie Prince (one of Gannon's drum teachers)used to be the drummer..Clem was a real nice fella...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Scotty's HIGH SOCIETY ANGELS, a joining of HARLEY'S ANGELS and HIGH SOCIETY, have a Myspace page at:

Check out the chilled tunes, perfect for any loungebar.

Late Nite Sinner's Links

Check out this link for several interviews/live clips etc, involving Scotty and his bands at the great Late Nite Sinner's page.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

'In This Live' DVD availability

Hi people.

Okay, I've had numerous emails regarding the availability of the elusive MORDRED 'In This Live' video which was filmed at London's Marquee Club in '91.

I am able to put copies of the video onto DVD, perfect quality. I know that on Alan's old 'Everydays A Mordred Day' site there was talk of copies flying around, but I think a few of the guys were trying to use Torrent etc. I also have a few live gigs and the promo's so if you're interested....I just want to get the video out there to the fans, so I'll happily copy it to dvd because it remains one of the best rock video's around. I was at the gig and it smoked...
My contact email is:
Just drop me your address. It's about time the video got the exposure it deserves, it was a special night.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Why Mordred should reform.

Hey ya'll...yeah, it's been quiet for a long time, that's cos' Mordred members do their own thang nowadays, but just wanted t comment that if the band were to get back together full-time, then now's the time. I've been shocked at the amount of band's reuniting for one last glimpse of fame, and even more so at the fact that the thrash scene is burning right back, unfortunately, much of it is pretty sterile and just wanting to sound like the '80s, but it's still great that bands such as Death Angel and Testament have stuck to their guns, but I've seen a lot of vinyl re-issues around. Being a big collector of vinyl I'm always on the look-out for stuff from the '80s, but I like to play it and not have it just sitting there in the cupboard gathering dust, but I can say that I own several copies of 'In This Life' and a few 'Fools Game' too, ya can never have enough, but I've also seen recent re-issues of albums by fellow Bay Area thrasher Exodus and Forbidden so there must be some kind of demand out there.

Thrash has always been with us but only bands such as Sadus have really stuck at it as so many other genres of metal have passed by, but if Mordred are havin' any thoughts about getting back together then it's gotta be now or never...if thrash is coming back then Mordred could still fill the clubs, but I don't mean Mordred with Steve Scates, I mean the real Mordred, with Scotty, Aaron etc.

The problem is, many bands who come back have a risk of embarrassing themselves, but I know, and you know that Mordred wouldn't show themselves up, they still got the soul but would it be worth just reforming for a world tour ? Probably not. However, do Mordred fans want a new record ? Are Mordred still relevant ? Well, Mordred have a sound that will never date, it's not got that cheesy thrash feel but instead spans several styles of music and the band had a big cult following in Europe, but whether another record should come out is a difficult one to answer. the problem with the nostalgia tours is that it's kinda the band's way of sayin' "Bye bye", but surely in today's climate, there is still room for the originals and the innovators, we're tired of the Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit crap, real metal fans want the late '80s back, because it only really died out when grunge came along, but grunge was faceless, metal always lives on, and nowadays there are so many corny bands tryin' on the streetwise funky crossover sound, but Mordred were, and are more than that so like I say, if they have a future, now's the time...but don't hold your breath...let's just pray...even if deep down we'll always know that Mordred will never happen again.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This just in...

The Hi-Nobles are very, very excited to be playing with super-group
Magic Christian on Wednesday! Check out this lineup:
Cyril Jordan: Flamin' Groovies guitarist (legendary 60s-80s SF band)
Clem Burke: Blondie drummer (you've probably heard of Blondie)
Eddie Munoz: The Plimsouls bassist (check the "Valley Girl" soundtrack)
Paul Kopf: singer who hasn't been in a famous band
Wow! Bring your records and get some autographs! Also, they'll be
doing an interview Tuesday with Carolyn on KUSF, starting around
12:30PM. 90.3 on your FM dial!
The Barbary Coasters will be opening the show, and they've got Johnny
Bartlett from The Phantom Surfers on guitar and Dr. Pat Phelan on
organ. And The Hi-Nobles still have our own celebrity guitarist, Greg
Ingraham from The Avengers!
Wed March 5
Annie's Social Club, 9:00PM
Magic Christian
The Hi-Nobles
The Barbary Coasters
See you there!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Scott Hi-Nobles update.

Hey You'all,
It's Harley $cott Holderby here, and I have teamed up with Bay Area bass legend,House...Guitarist, Greg Ingrahm from the Avengers, Jeff Hashfield vintage organ, and Guy Alverez drums....

Appearing LIVE:
Friday, January 25th at the Hemlock, Polk St.@ Post In San Francisco....
Saturday, January 26th at the Stork Club, Telegraph Ave.@ 24th in Oakland...

Come check out the live clip and songs...

I won't be sending out blanket emails like this in the future, so if you like the group and would like to know when we are playing, you can check out the myspace page...Or reply and be put on our proper email list...

Hope to see you at the gigs............

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Mad - are they a Mordred rip-off ?

A great friend of mine, Terry Cameron, recently introduced me to a band called THE MAD, and their album 'Songs For The Ugly'. They seem pretty obscure but when you lend an ear to it, it sounds an awful lot like 'Fools Game', from the soulful chug riffs, even to the vocal delivery.
Personally, the tracks are cool, but I've yet to find anything about the band so try and check them out if you can because these guys are certainly hung up on the old Mordred sound big style. The record is from '93 so they may have been aware of Mordred, but there's no picture of the band inside.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Late Nite Sinner's Mordred photo's

Check out the link, for some cool old, and newer pictures of Pause, Danny, Art and Gannon, plus many other musicians.

I.J. Smith 'Troubled'- check it out!

I.J. Smith and his cool 'Frisco trip-out record 'Troubled' should be checked out by everyone. The guy worked with Gannon Hall, and Foodstamp which was the band Art and Gannon formed after Mordred.

The music itself is very chilled but anyone with track titles such as 'The Jester', 'Downtown Trip' and 'Frisco Fog Eclypse' deserves a mention!!

Watch The Hi-Nobles here!