Saturday, May 3, 2008

Why Mordred should reform.

Hey ya'll...yeah, it's been quiet for a long time, that's cos' Mordred members do their own thang nowadays, but just wanted t comment that if the band were to get back together full-time, then now's the time. I've been shocked at the amount of band's reuniting for one last glimpse of fame, and even more so at the fact that the thrash scene is burning right back, unfortunately, much of it is pretty sterile and just wanting to sound like the '80s, but it's still great that bands such as Death Angel and Testament have stuck to their guns, but I've seen a lot of vinyl re-issues around. Being a big collector of vinyl I'm always on the look-out for stuff from the '80s, but I like to play it and not have it just sitting there in the cupboard gathering dust, but I can say that I own several copies of 'In This Life' and a few 'Fools Game' too, ya can never have enough, but I've also seen recent re-issues of albums by fellow Bay Area thrasher Exodus and Forbidden so there must be some kind of demand out there.

Thrash has always been with us but only bands such as Sadus have really stuck at it as so many other genres of metal have passed by, but if Mordred are havin' any thoughts about getting back together then it's gotta be now or never...if thrash is coming back then Mordred could still fill the clubs, but I don't mean Mordred with Steve Scates, I mean the real Mordred, with Scotty, Aaron etc.

The problem is, many bands who come back have a risk of embarrassing themselves, but I know, and you know that Mordred wouldn't show themselves up, they still got the soul but would it be worth just reforming for a world tour ? Probably not. However, do Mordred fans want a new record ? Are Mordred still relevant ? Well, Mordred have a sound that will never date, it's not got that cheesy thrash feel but instead spans several styles of music and the band had a big cult following in Europe, but whether another record should come out is a difficult one to answer. the problem with the nostalgia tours is that it's kinda the band's way of sayin' "Bye bye", but surely in today's climate, there is still room for the originals and the innovators, we're tired of the Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit crap, real metal fans want the late '80s back, because it only really died out when grunge came along, but grunge was faceless, metal always lives on, and nowadays there are so many corny bands tryin' on the streetwise funky crossover sound, but Mordred were, and are more than that so like I say, if they have a future, now's the time...but don't hold your breath...let's just pray...even if deep down we'll always know that Mordred will never happen again.

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Ian Crocker said...

I for one would love to see a Mordred reunion.

When I saw them touring in the UK on the back of In This Life all those years ago, I thought the future had arrived. I still listen to In This Life, Vision etc now, and it still sounds just as fresh.

Will it ever happen? Like you say, probably not... ..but then again, never say never.

Love/Hate, another one of my favorite bands from that era did some amazing reunion shows last year, just when all hope was lost.

Did you see the YouTube clip of the guys at the Haight Street Fair by the way? Cool stuff.

Cheers and keep up the good work with the blog.

ps. I don't suppose you know where I could get hold of a rip of "In This Live" There is a torrent still out there but it has long since stopped being seeded.