Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scott Holderby Interview (May 2008) Part 1

I recently caught up with Scott Holderby, and interviewed him regarding latest projects etc. Here is part one of the interview, my questions are listed first, Scott's answers are underneath:

The Questions-:

1) Firstly, you're in three bands at the moment, THE HI-NOBLES, BORSTAL HOLIDAY and HIGH SOCIETY ANGELS. How would you describe the sounds of these bands ?

2) Are you committed to one band more than any other, or is it equal in the sense of touring, laying down tracks. With whom are you most busy ?

3) How did THE HI-NOBLES get together ?

4) In the past, fans of you would have known you were into hip-hop, soul, funk, but with the NOBLES it's a very '60s garage sound. How long have you been into that ?

5) Are you planning on touring with any of the bands you are in, outside of the U.S.A. ?

6) What kind of places do you play with the bands you are in ?

7) Any plans for record releases ?

8) You recently played with one my heroes, Clem Burke of Blondie, how was that for you ?

The Answers-:

1. I would say Borstal Holiday sounds like 60s Garage-Punk..The Hi-Nobles are 60s Garage-Soul..High Society Angels sound like some Soul-Jazz, more of a modern sound

2. High Soc Angels just reformed (with some new and some of the old players) only a month or so ago.So we haven't played out yet with the new lineup.Can't wait for that..
They are all fun groups to play in and I like them all....But...Borstal Holiday is the easiest to get anything done, cause it's a trio..

3. Our first guitarist put an ad on craigslist, Seeking asshole singer who's not a total prick..I called him back and said I was auditioning a band and I would consider them..He thought that was funny and said ok..So the night of the big audition(first band rehearsal) I get the call "practice is delayed for a couple hours"..I'm already in SF so I stopped by a friends house and that friend was making cocktails,and I had a few..I was a bit pissed when I showed up,and I had white Russians in to go coffee cups..I was a bit of a mess but I was able to sing alright..Those guys loved it..I loved it..Good times..

4. I did get caught up in old soul music for many years,but have always loved the Stooges,Animals,Kinks and Who,and that garage psyche 60s sound but kind of forgot about it..It was really Otis the big O with that super fast soul that gave me the idea for the garage soul thing..Hi-Nobles had a 70s Garage sound and it was easy to put the sound together into a Garage-Soul sound..And so much fun to play....

5. As soon as there is a record the Hi-Nobles want to head over..Same goes for Borstal Holiday..We are about to press a 3 song vinyl 45,you can hear it on our myspace page

6. Small hip dive bars and seedy clubs.We are starting to get bigger shows like our gig at Slim's with the Detroit Cobras..We also played a weekender with the Untouchables,Love me nots etc. in Las vegas..We have some gigs coming up in Seattle Portland,Salem,Los Angeles,San Diego..All west coast stuff...

7. Yes,first the 7" with Borstal Holiday,we are about halfway finished with the full length LP..
Hi-Nobles are set to record our LP in July and a H S A record is only half written so probably a few months out on that one..

8. Clem is a great guy..I got him to autograph my Blondie record for my son,and i was a bit pissed,I put it into it's protective sleeve and smudged it..He looked at and said,"shall I do it again",it was amusing..I liked all of those Magic Christians..Eddie from the Plimsoles..Prairie Prince (one of Gannon's drum teachers)used to be the drummer..Clem was a real nice fella...

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