Monday, June 30, 2008

Scott Holderby Interview (June 2008) Part Two

9) Regarding Mordred, at the moment, especially in the UK there is a big thrash revival going on, and alot of bands such as Forbidden, are having their albums re-released. Have the members of Mordred been approached or thought of a re-union, full or part-time ?

10) What are your opinions of the Mordred with Steve Scates fronting the band ?

11) Did you ever hear THE NEXT ROOM ?

12) What are the other Mordred guys doing now and have you spoke to them recently ?

13) Outside of music, what else do you get up to/ are interested in ?

14) When was the last time you listened to a Mordred record ?

15) The IN THIS LIVE video, it was the best gigof my life, how much do you remember of that night ?

Scotty's answers...

9) No

10) They should have fun..I know how it is,I love to play music too...

11) Sorry, no

12) Pause still DJs all over and produces hip-hop acts like Shagg Nasty,Art and Sven play in the 1985 Mordred,Gannon and Jim aren't playing these days,Danny works in a studio in New York and plays /composes jingles and such...

13) Lambretta scooters,60s horror movies,youtube all sorts of old vids,bar-b-q

14) Jim S and I watched the video with our kids awhile back.

15) I remember the Marquee shows quite well..It was one of my favorite places to play..I had some really excellent times there,and at the Columbia Hotel bar after hours..The night of the recording,we were feeling great,getting along well and all that..We went out to the pub and grabbed some food before the gig..I ran into several people who were going to the gig and chatted..People got such a kick out of the way we hung out with the people in line out front.I used to get my drinks at the bar etc..I liked meeting people...

With many thanks to Scotty.

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