Friday, November 28, 2008

And more Mordred memories...

This time from the Rockin' Rabbi:

"A Mordred gig at the Marquee was truly an event. As the clouds of dry ice cleared and Pause's revolving beer can became visible on the turntable, the night would ignite with Scott Holderby leaping in the air, covered head to toe with face paint. Danny's killer riffs would send us all into a frenzy and I remember the stage-diving beginning within moments. Scott whipped us up into truly an ecstatic state. His leaps, his characteristic sideways glances and Ancient-Egyptian posing made him a truly memorable frontman. How fortunate we were to be a part of their original, trailblazing musical genius and to experience their true energy first hand! There is no doubt about it, that thinking back to those days gives me that telling warm fuzzy-feeling inside! Roll on the good old days!"

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