Friday, October 9, 2009

Hi-Nobles album review.

The Hi-Noble's eagerly awaited debut record, 'Shake', received the following review at Snobmusic:

'September 29th is the new release date for Shake, the new studio album from The Hi-Nobles. The band is comprised of veteran musicians from the Bay Area scene, who bring backgrounds ranging from punk to metal to straight up rock.
The album not surprisingly sounds nothing like those styles. Sure a punk rock bassline can be heard on tracks like "Miss Addy", but the influences are subtle. Rather, the inspiration for Shake seems to be pub rock and blues rock.
A song like "International Playboys" (I guess Morrissey wasn't the last of the famous ones after all) has more in common with the Blues Brothers Revue than they do with The Avengers. Moreover, both in sound and theme "Big Black Car" will have you drawing comparisons to the Cream classic "Politician".
It may not be groundbreaking, but for balls-to-the-wall rock, The Hi-Nobles strike all the right chords.
Best tracks: "Miss Addy", "Soul Sister"
Track listing for Shake:
Soul Sister
Ain't No Sin
Big Black Car
Stings a Bit
International Playboys
Red Eye
Love Don't Come Around
Miss Addy
Don't Go
Gold Tipped Rhino

Rating: 7.0/10

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