Friday, October 9, 2009

Fire Note review of 'Shake'.

Fire Drill Review:
This is probably one of the most bizarre meshings of previous bands but The Hi-Nobles are made up of Bay Area musicians from '70s punks The Avengers and the metal group Mordred to release Shake's 60's inspired garage & soul rock n roll. The record brings 100% energy and dips into bluesy undertones, which keeps the album grounded and from overreaching into a straightforward garage sound. The Hi-Nobles don't have any new cards up their sleeves when it comes to this style but the group totally makes up for it with song substance, energy and keeping your foot tapping throughout the entire record.

3.5 /5

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YpSiLoN said...

Hey man! Thanks for having this great website still updated! From time to time, I enter to take a look at the news. I'll be always a follower. Sometimes I listen to the fucking masterpiece which is In this life... And always think that they were just amazing. An awesome album, simply great.

Take care!

PD.: I'll listen to Scotts new album, although I don't know if I'll like it xD!