Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Mordred memories

A chap named Paul emailed me to share a few of his favourite Mordred memories, he wrote:

"I was lucky enough to see them at the bierkeller in Bristol '91 - they stopped me and my girlfriend a few streets away to ask for direction to the venue. I'll have to check out my old leather jacket, I'm sure Scott wrote 'Are you wilder than a drunken fight?' on it along with his name.
Think they were listening to AC/DC in their mini bus when they arrived. Pause wasn't with them.
We then ran back to the 'keller to meet them etc. They were so so cool!
If I remember correctly - Scott threw up into a bag onstage-think he may have been too pissed, seemed bit drunk when we saw them in the afternoon, - I'm sure he skipped singing a few songs too. All the rest of the band drank and played pool with us/our mates from Bath for the rest of the evening after the show, band said Scott was ill. Amazing night.
I also play bass, so talking bass with Art for ages will always be a great memory for me, I was so shocked that he used to play along to Maiden records when he was learning to play the bass - exactly as I had done when I was learning to play."

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