Sunday, October 28, 2007

When Kerrang! Magazine hated Mordred!

Extra special thanks to Terry (Dred) Cameron for these two reviews from the old days from Kerrang! magazine. Bizarrely, Kerrang! were once huge fans of Mordred until 1992. I'd heard several rumours as to why the metal magazine and the band had stared to not get on, but as you can see from the reviews of 'Vision' and 'The Next Room', the mag' had turned on the Bay Area boys.
'Vision' received a disastrous 2 K rating out of 5, whilst 'The Next Room' also took a battering by critics who claimed the band were history.
H0wever, the tragedy of all this is the fact that Kerrang! happens to now
be one of the worst, most lightweight rock mags around, featuring scores of bands who have imitated the Mordred sound and yet countless dumb reviewers believe such modern crap to be original. Forget it. It's ridiculous to see just how many great bands from the late '80s and early '90s metal scene were misunderstood and slagged off by reviewers who were too narrow-minded to look beyond the classic metal sound that hadn't moved on for some twenty years, and yet when terrible music such as Korn, and Limp Bizkit emerged, the mags were quick to praise such 'innovation'!! The metal scene was once full of hypcocrites, and not alot has changed today, sadly. Even sadder, if you read the 'Vision' review, is the fact that so-called reviewer, who I'm sure got paid for writing such crap, claims that Scott sings on 'Closeminded'!! What an ignorant twat...and then goes on to bleat at how the 'rich kids' of Mordred shouldn't be writing about homeless people...where did they get these reviewers from ?

(Left) Photo shoot for 'The Next Room'. One of the only photo's to feature Paul Kimball, Scott Holderby's replacement.

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