Monday, June 18, 2007

Mordred - Haigh St Fair , Masonic Stage, SF, June 2006

Unsure which line-up actually turned up for the gig, heard that Danny White was coming from New York to play with the guys.
If anyone has any details on set-lists/ members, please post in comments.

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viking_sf said...

I actually played with the Mordred 2.0 lineup at the Haight St. Fair. Danny White could not make it due to his work schedule in NY. I played with Mordred and grew up with those cats too, and we played musical chairs in bands for a minute back in 85-86'. We played like 6 songs as our set was limited to only a half hour. I believe our set were these classics. The HSF festival was June 10th of 2007! Fun times indeed and Danny was missed bigtime, but I played in his honor. We're old high school friends..!

1. State of Mind
2. The Vagrant
3. Killing Time
4. Reach
5. A Beginning/Falling Away
6. In This Life